A dream

I just woke from a nap and had the strangest dream. I had to head up north for work (I think) and for some reason I’d taken a bus to the motel. Well I got bored and decided to check out a nearby town for some nightlife, but the bus I used to get there let everyone off halfway with no communication. So I checked a map on my phone and found there was a diner just up the road, so I went to grab a bite to eat. There was one motorcycle parked there which on closer inspection turned out to be a scooter. It was a cozy establishment, and I went to find a seat so I could review my options for either continuing into town or heading back. I met the owner of the bike who had a prosthetic leg from a previous bike accident! I went on to check a map for exactly where I was and got a good satellite view of the area I was in, but the blue dot (my location) just kept moving around. Dream-me figured it was just a weak signal.

Well I woke up and decided to have a look at a satellite map to see if the place I dreamed of was real!  I only remembered it was a restaurant with a gas bar beside it. After finding what looked like the right topography I searched for gas stations and only one showed up that wasn’t an Esso or Shell or something – called UPI in Ulora. And wouldn’t you know it there was a tiny General Store next door (See photo above). To make things just a little more inspiring there is a bike parked outside in the Google Street View picture! I think I know where I have to go this weekend… lucky me it’s only an hour away!

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