Gear v1.0

I’m doing an inventory of all the camping gear I’ve already got – and it’s quickly dawning on me that most of it was purchased for 4-wheeled vehicle camping trips! I mean, the 8-person “euro style” tent is obviously not a backpacking tent – but it’s amazing how big everything seems when you’re trying to pack the essentials on a motorcycle!

The “euro style” tent is absolutely fantastic! But of no use at all when you’re not leaving on 4 wheels!

That said, I do also have a tiny “two” person tent I affectionately refer to as “the coffin” which will fit the bill quite nicely. Using a gym mat as a sleeping pad seemed to be a better alternative to a full-blown air mattress in terms of weight, but after searching backpacking sleeping pads (even inflatable) – these days you can get more comfort from a pad that packs down to the same size as my inflatable pillow!

For the purposes of my test runs this season I’ll likely make do with what I’ve got, but I find it quite entertaining that I haven’t even started trying to pack actual bags yet and already the shopping list is growing. There is however a sense of relief now that I’ve decided the Grand Adventure won’t be happening this year – which gives me time to save cash and hunt down the best deals. Of course winter will be the best time for these purchases since retailers barely sell any of this kind of stuff off-season.

My first table-full of gear and already it’s pretty obvious what’s going to be too big for the bike!

Considering I still love the concept of car camping (or “glamping”), I’ll surely be setting aside the bigger gear for trips like that. I mean, who really needs 3 sleeping bags all rated for 5c or higher? It’s a good thing cars have extra room for friends!

Once the inventory is done I’ll be able to start the list-making process of figuring out what should be replaced with lighter and more compact gear, then move on to what could still be missing. You can look forward to a “Gear v1.1” post coming soon!

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