Island in August

Aug 18th: So I’m heading to the cottage this weekend, inspired by a request to switch the landline phone over to a VoIP box. Should be a fun project, and sidenote: cottage! Loading up the motorcycle with just enough for the weekend – though I’m tempted to load it with the camping gear too, that’s an extra safety risk that’s only worth taking if I’m actually going to camp. Why stack the odds against myself needlessly?

Aug 22nd (today!): So I got back yesterday – it was quite a relaxing time! I started my morning with coffee and packing, then headed out to GP Bikes to grab replacement riding gloves – as mine have started coming apart at the fingertips! If it get’s much worse I may just cut the tips off and turn them into “real biker gloves”. Ha. Oh yeah and I met a biker friend named Snow at GP as well, who accompanied me down a road less traveled called Old Scugog. We’d taken it before during some pretty harsh road construction conditions, but by contrast this was a much smoother ride despite the light rain! When we arrived in Lindsay he headed back and I did some grocery shopping – then the 2 hour somewhat rainy trip up to the Trading Bay Restaurant to meet my dad.  I arrived about an hour late due to a bridge that was out before Lindsay, and getting stuck behind a camping trailer over 10km of dirt road and shredded road on the 35. At one point I tried playing music on my helmet headset but instead accidentally answered a call from my dad (I hadn’t heard it ring) who was checking to make sure I hadn’t died! Those calls are good ones to answer, no doubt.

After downloading some offline maps, having a beverage, and waiting out a particularly torrential downpour, we headed up to the island without incident. The VoIP phone line ended up working perfectly, and I was even able to start a cooking fire on the freshly soaked fire pit! All in all a great and relaxing weekend soaking up sun and reconnecting with my dad! Monday morning came too soon and we were on the road to our separate destinations by 11am.

I decided to brave the crap dirt roads on the 35 again on my way back as the rest of the ride is much more relaxed (and beautiful) than the boring 11 highway. At one point I decided I was close enough to home that topping off my bike’s gas would be sufficient to get home, so I pulled over at an Esso that ended up being closed (there was another across the street – not sure what’s going on there). However when I checked a map I realized I was only 10 minutes away from the spot I’d found when looking up a strange dream I had over a week ago! There was a gas station there so I figured it was as good a place as any. The route took me through some really beautiful and completely empty farm roads – I think this was my favorite part of the whole ride, and made me wish I had a GoPro for these moments! All in the trip was about 4 hours, and I’m encouraged by the fact that although my butt was starting to get sore on the ride up there, the ride back was much more comfortable! I believe this means I need to build new “motorcycle muscle groups” which will make future rides all that much easier.

So I might do this again, maybe even as early as next weekend weather permitting! Stay tuned 😉



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