It begins…

If you’re reading this you are no doubt aware that I haven’t posted anything in a very long time, as appears to be the recurring theme with my journals! This time, I hope to do something different. I have set an intention, a timeline for myself with undetermined dates. I am planning a trip across the country on my motorcycle and I will stop at nothing to achieve this goal! It begins with basic preparations; divesting myself of worldly belongings, paying off my debts (or at the very least implementing a solid plan to have them paid off), practice camp runs for just a few days to fine-tune the proper gear and packing, and likely a few more preparations I’m as-of-yet unaware of.

The inspiration for this journey has come from several avenues – but more recently it was a combination of a messy breakup (giving me pause to try and rediscover myself), and stories and books I’ve been reading about the “vagabonding” lifestyle. I did attempt something like this back in 2009 – when I moved most of my possessions into a storage locker, and the rest of my daily essentials into a minivan. The intention was to try to live out of the van while still working in downtown Toronto. The dream was short-lived however as within a week or two the minivan was broken into – and an undetermined amount of stuff stolen by the perpetrators I caught in the act. At once I realized the tempered glass windows of a minivan make for a very poor force field, and my efforts turned back to finding a nice sedentary place to live.

Fast forward a year and I did try – more successfully – living out of a 1978 RV, which I also ended up driving cross country with a couple of friends. But the experience still left me in want, as I’ve come to see living on the road should necessarily be a more minimalist affair. The idea of trying again on a motorcycle seems to fit the bill quite nicely! There is simply not enough room to carry a very complicated existence.

Though this may be my first post on the subject, I have already taken some enthusiastic first steps towards this goal. In addition to a great sampling of articles and blog posts on the subject, I’ve begun to inventory what essential gear I already have, what additional supplies might be necessary, and the lifestyle changes that will inevitably be required to pull something like this off. This sub-journal will serve as both a chronicle of my life as it relates to preparing for this grand adventure, and a kind of workbook to lay out all the necessary steps to go from a workaday sedentary lifestyle – to the freedom-loving vagabond I’ll one day become.

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